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So many lessons have been learned since the launch of the Robust Token (RBT), and as we navigate the ever-changing DeFi landscape, the Robust Protocol team is focused on creating and implementing more innovative products.

What is RobustSwap?

RobustSwap is a revolutionary decentralized exchange (DEX) and automated market maker (AMM) on the Binance Smart Chain designed to optimize profitability through scarcity and liquidity.

What makes RobustSwap different?

RobustSwap is the first decentralized exchange on the Binance Smart Chain to integrate an anti-bot and anti-flash loan yield farming feature that equally protects users trading the native token from the menace of front-running and liquidity sniper bots.

DeFi yield farming is the emergent trend on the Binance Smart Chain, with new projects appearing every day. The vast majority of these farms are clones that add little to nothing to the project that they adapted.

RobustSwap breaks this pattern and introduces several new features that optimize safety and performance.

What can you do on RobustSwap?

Trade and Swap

RobustSwap allows users to exchange tokens on the Binance Smart Chain safely and quickly.

Earn RBS

RobustSwap Token (RBS) is the native token of RobustSwap DEX, with multiple features designed for price stability and growth which ensures maximum APR to investors in the RobustSwap farm and pools.

Users can earn RBS by:

  • By providing liquidity.
  • By staking in RobustSwap farms and pools.
  • By referring your friends.
  • By trading on the RobustSwap DEX after AMM launch.


The RBS token is the native token of the Robustswap decentralized exchange

It will primarily be farmed, used to incentivize liquidity providers and staking
pools of the Robustswap DEX.

RBS has a hard cap maximum supply of 106 050. No more RBS can ever be
created once this limit has been reached.

Users will be able to earn RBS by providing liquidity, staking in RobustSwap
farms and pools, and referring friends.

RBS is highly customizable to allow for future development, integration, and


RBS is highly customizable to allow for future development, integration, and partnerships. All available features can be customized as required, subject to timelock delays.


We have developed a revolutionary security protocol called the “BotGuard”
which protects users transactions from being front-run by bots.

When initialized, BotGuard forces a delay that prevents a user from making
multiple transactions within the same block. The number of blocks delay can
be adjusted as required.

This delay will not impact the experience of regular users, who normally do
not make multiple transactions in split seconds like all bots do.

BotGuard has equally been implemented in the RobustSwap MasterChef
contract to prevent flash-loan attacks.

Limited Supply and Emission

Only 105 120 RBS can be mined, with a minimum of 316 RBS mined per day.

90% of the daily emission (288 RBS) will be allotted to staking farm and pools
while the other 10% (28.8 RBS) will go to the team.

This puts the estimated length of the active period of RBS mining to 332 days.

Furthermore, if a user is referred to RBS by another user, the user’s referrer will receive an extra 1% of all claimed farming and staking rewards of the user.

Once the 105 120 RBS hard limit has been reached no more RBS can be mined or created.

Liquidity Generation

Liquidity generation is a core feature of the RobustSwap Token (RBS) and
additional RBS/BNB liquidity will be created depending on the RBS
transaction tax and burn rate settings.

A percentage of each transaction will be either taxed or burned accordingly
and the proceeds from this tax will be accumulated in the RBS contract.

Liquidity generation will be triggered whenever the BNB value of the accrued
RBS tax reaches a meaningful threshold.

Creating liquidity only in proportion to the price of BNB ensures that the
generated liquidity has value and promotes a steady price floor. It equally
prevents any sudden price movements due to liquidity generation.

Time-Locked Liquidity

At launch 576 RBS will be used to provide initial trading liquidity:

288 (RBS/BUSD)
288 (RBS/BNB)

This Initial trading liquidity and all generated liquidity from transaction tax
will be time-locked in the RBS contract.




RobustSwap Token (RBS) is whale friendly. However, there is a set limit for
transaction size to manage the price impact of any single transaction.

At launch, any single transaction that exceeds 1% of the RBS total supply will
be rejected. As the total supply increases, this ratio will be reduced to reflect
the new supply.

Irrespective of this limit, it is still possible to break up a large transaction into
several smaller transactions.

Also, there is no artificial restriction as to what percentage of the circulating
supply that a single holder can represent. The free market will be allowed to
adjust itself accordingly.

Smart Burning

Burning tokens in crypto is a norm. However, what is not addressed is whether it is an effective way to accomplish a stable price growth, which is the main reason tokens are burned.

Furthermore, from extensive research and rigorous tests, it is clear that buying back and burning tokens is a complete waste of resources.

RBS is designed with liquidity generation at the core rather than unnecessary token burns.

Nevertheless, RBS token burns can occur in two ways:

RBS Transaction Tax Burn

If transaction tax is enabled, all, part or none of the transaction tax is burned depending on the tax burn rate setting.

RBS Contract Balance Burn

If transaction tax burn rate setting is below 100%, all generated transaction tax amount is sent to the RBS contract for automatic liquidity generation.

A feature to burn part or all generated tax stored in the RBS contract is available.


RobustSwap has implemented a 24-hour minimum delay contract for all
sensitive operations.

This time lock is necessary to protect users’ from arbitrary changes that
could impact the value of assets.

The operator of the RobustSwap Token (RBS) will be the RobustSwap
Timelock Contract.

The ownership of the RobustSwap MasterChef will transferred be the
RobustSwap Timelock Contract.

The ownership of the RobustSwap Referral Contract will be transferred to the
RobustSwap Timelock Contract.


RobustSwap Token (RBS):

RobustSwap MasterChef:

RobustSwap Referral:

RobustSwap Timelock:


RobustSwap is audited by Paladin:


As part of our desire to continue to innovate, we will be implementing the following features in the RobustSwap decentralized exchange (DEX):

Automated Market Maker (AMM) — Q1 2022:

During launch, the RobustSwap DEX will utilize the PancakeSwap factory and router smart contracts for swap and liquidity provision. While this is ideal in the short-term to attract more investors to RobustSwap, we will be migrating to our own factory and router contracts.

This migration will allow us to gain control of the fees generated from transacting on the RobustSwap DEX. Generated fees can be used to incentivize users of the RobustSwap DEX and to further develop the Robust Protocol ecosystem.

RobustSwap UI Improvements — (Q1 2022)

We will be making several tweaks to the RobustSwap DEX user interface for a smoother and more user-friendly trading experience.

RobustSwap Vault — (Q1 2022)

Auto-compounding pools that generate yields from users’ assets.

RobustSwap Limit Order — (Q1 2022)

RobustSwap users will be able to setup future price targets to automatically trade assets.

Robust Protocol Bridge — (Q2 2022)

Seamlessly swap and transfer assets across multiple chains including BSC, Ethereum, and Polygon.

RobustSwap App — (Q3 2022)

Mobile app for the RobustSwap DEX for both Android and iOS devices.


Please note that this roadmap is subject to change without any prior notice and estimated delivery dates are NOT guaranteed.






No information in this piece constitutes any form of financial advice or guarantees whatsoever. Please do your own research. There is a serious risk of losing money when investing in any experimental project. Please ensure to comply with all relevant local laws before participating in this project.



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