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5 min readApr 15, 2021

An experimental deflationary fixed-supply token on the Binance Smart Chain.

Let’s face it, there are way too many tokens out there and most of them do absolutely nothing but lose value with time.

Most tokens are by design inflationary and their supply will keep on growing even without any demand or use case.

With the current meme token season, where billions or even gazillions tokens are minted with no utility, this issue becomes even more dire.

Furthermore, many tokens with fixed supply rarely generate enough transaction volume to create value for holders. Resorting to a grand last-minute token burn event is also usually counterproductive and actively promotes the expected pump and dump fallout.


RBT is an experimental fixed-supply token designed with an aggressive deflationary mechanism.

At launch, a total supply of 100 000 RBT will be minted. After this initial minting process, no more RBT can ever be created again.

However, every RBT transaction will incur a 1% transaction fee. This fee will get deducted from each transaction, burned, and converted into Robust Reward (RBW).

Effectively, every transaction will contribute to the permanent reduction in the total supply of RBT.


During the initial minting of 100 000 RBT, 50% or 50 000 RBT transferred to the 15-day time-locked RBT Reserve.

This reserve is the only source from which more RBT can be injected into circulation. In the event of a drastic reduction in the total supply due to extreme price movements and rapid burning, community members can vote to inject more RBT into circulation from the RBT Reserve. RBW holders will proportionally receive any distribution from the RBT Reserve.


RBW can only be created by the RBT smart contract. Every time a RBT transaction occurs, 1% of the total amount of the transaction will deducted, burned, and converted into RBW.

Transaction value: 1 000 RBT
Total burn: 10 RBT
Transaction Reward: 10 RBW
The recipient will receive 990 RBT and 10 RBW.
The total supply of RBT will permanently reduce by 10 RBT.

RBW Recipient

Please note that only the recipient of a RBT traction will receive the created RBW. When buying RBT from Pancakeswap, you are the de facto recipient of the transaction. As such, you will receive the appropriate amount of RBW after the 1% transaction fee is deducted and burned.

However, when selling your RBT on Pancakeswap, the RBT liquidity pool smart contract is the recipient of the transaction. Consequently, you will not receive any RBW after the 1% transaction fee is deducted and burned.

RBW Utility

RBW will represent the holder’s share in the Robust Protocol ecosystem. It will be used for the governance of the ecosystem and confer voting rights to the holder. RBW will also be the primary token for bootstrapping all future projects under the Robust Protocol ecosystem.

If or when the total supply of RBT goes below a threshold determined by the community, RBW holders can vote to unlock all or a portion of the 15-day time-locked 50 000 RBT from the Robust Token Reserve. Any amount of RBT that is unlocked, will be distributed to all RBW holders proportionally. The more RBW you have, the more RBT you stand to receive from such a distribution.


Total Supply
100 000 RBT

Ecosystem Fund
5 000 RBT (Burned)

Marketing Fund
5 000 RBT

Initial Liquidity (Burned)
40 000 RBT

RBT Reserve (Time-locked):
50 000

Ecosystem and Liquidity will be burned.

Marketing funds will be utilized for all marketing and project related expenses by the Robust Protocol team.


While a lot of work has been done by the Robust Protocol team to ensure the safety of the project, there has been no independent or formal audit of the smart contracts. Please do your own research and never invest more than you can afford to lose.

An independent and formal audit will be done as soon as funds become available for such an endeavor.


There is a 15-day time-lock delay on both the RBT and RBT Reserve smart contracts. RBW holders will be able to vote to implement the following changes:

1. RBT Transaction Fee: Currently 1% of the total RBT transaction value.

2. RBW Mint Rate: Currently 1% of the total RBT transaction value.

3. Reserve Withdrawal: After launch, 50 000 RBT will be locked in the Robust Token (RBT) Reserve. RBW holders can vote to decide whether more RBT should be released into circulation from the RBT Reserve.


This is always a major challenge to every new project. The Robust Protocol team will actively seek partnerships with other projects as the ecosystem matures. Rather than going for the pump and dump marketing approach, the Robust Protocol team will work towards a more sustainable system that derives value based on creating utility for projects in the Robust Protocol ecosystem.

5 000 RBT will be allocated to marketing and project related expenses. We encourage the community to reach out to us with effective marketing ideas and suggestions.


The Robust Protocol team will be launching various project on the Binance Smart Chain before the end of Q4 2021. The following projects are in various stages of development and more announcements will be made as they become available:

Algorithmic Stablecoin with Lending
A hybrid part-collateralized algorithmic stablecoin based on various models currently in operation. This will have an inbuilt lending platform. This will be launched on the Binance Smart Chain.

Decentralized Exchange
A decentralized exchange and aggregator on the Binance Smart Chain.

Analytics and Tools
A platform that will include charts, price alerts, limit orders, transaction analysis and other trading tools for the Binance Smart Chain.


Robust Protocol is a community governed project. Please feel free to engage with the team on all available social platforms. A snapshot page will be setup shortly after launch.




RBT Reserve:

RBT Timelock:

RBT — BNB LP (Burned):

Ecosystem Fund (Burned):



When buying from Pancakeswap, slippage tolerance must be set to above 1% for the transaction to go through. This is to make allowance for the 1% transaction fee.




No information in this piece constitutes any form of financial advice or guarantees whatsoever. Please do your own research. There is a serious risk of losing money when investing in any experimental project. Please ensure to comply with all relevant local laws before participating in this project.



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